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    Russian Brochures Available

    Great news!
    Product brochures are now available in Russian. Always read products’ features and indications before the operation to make the right clinical choice.

    Warm reminder
    For downloading the brochure, surgical technique or video, please, sign up for FREE or log in. You will receive a confirmation letter within 24 hours. As soon as your account is confirmed you can easily browse through the products sections. Click on the picture of the product you are interested in and find the available materials below the picture.
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    New information available now

    Dynamic Hip Screw System
    External Fixator Modular Rod System
    Cannulated Screw Flyers
    Locking Plate Cable System
    Posterior Medial Proximal Tibial Locking Plate
    CMF Fixation System
    Pediatric Hip Locking Plate.pdf
    Anterior Cervical Spine Plate I
    TINA Spine System 5.5
    USS-II 6.0
    Disposable Pulsed Flushing System, Brochure
    Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System

    Surgical Technique:
    Dynamic Hip Screw System
    7.3mm Cannulated Locking Screw
    Posterior Medial Proximal Tibial Locking Plate.pdf
    Locking Plate Cable System
    Distal Femoral Sub-Condylar Locking Plate
    Anterior Cervical Spine System I
    SAC-NPS-2000 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Instrument
    SAC Pulse Flushing System

    Proximal Femoral Locking Plate LISS
    Pediatric Hip Locking Plate
    Epiphyseal Plate
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    New products' information available

    New products' files are available now,
    Surgical Technique:
    - Distal Ulnar Locking Plate
    - Locking System 2.4 (update)
    - Universal Tibial Nail II (update)
    - Distal Humeral Locking Plates, Head 2.7 holes
    - Distal Radius Locking Plate, variable angle (update)
    - Wrist Fusion Locking Plate
    - Posterior Medial Proximal Tibial Locking Plate
    - Distal Femoral Nail I
    - Laminoplasty Plate System
    - Thoracic-Lumbar Cage II
    - Carbon Fiber External Fixation System II
    For more information please visit the Service and Products
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    A special Christmas offer- New Surgical technique

    A new Surgical Technique of Distal Femoral Nail II is now ready for your usage, for more information please visit Product...
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